Wednesday, 29 September 2021

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4 facts


Response to text:

 Response to text:


Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. Who had stolen Te Fiti’s heart?

a) Moana                                             b) Heihei

c) Maui                                                          d) Te Kā

2. Te Kā is 

a) an island                             b) the ocean

c) the fish in the sea                d) a Lava Monster

3. Explain why Moana had a lot of responsibilities for her age

→she has to find a lava monster 

4. True or False: Moana’s father is happy for her to go beyond the reef to catch more fish

a) True b) False

5. What is hidden behind the secret cave? 

a) the sailboats of Moana’s ancestors             b) a monster

c) hidden treasure                                           d) the demigod Maui

6. What was Tala’s dying wish for her grand-daughter Moana? 

a) to learn how to sail                 b) to return the heart of Te Fiti

c) to listen to her father                       d) to learn how to be a good Chief

7. Moana was able to find Maui by following a 

a) fleet of ocean voyagers from her village               b) a rooster called Heihei

c) constellation that looked like his fish hook            d) ship full of Kakamora

8. In your own words describe why the movie ‘Moana’ was so popular for people living in NZ and in the Pacific

→ it explains a lot of thir history.